Hatebreed: neues Album kommt am 02.10.2009

Foto: Sebastian Steinfort

Foto: Sebastian Steinfort

Foto: Sebastian Steinfort

Die Metal-Hardcore Titanen Hatebreed werden ihr neues, selbstbetiteltes Album „Hatebreed" am 02. Oktober bei Roadrunner Records veröffentlichen. Das Album wird als CD, digitaler Download und Special Edition mit einer 60-minütigen Bonus-DVD erhältlich sein.

Frontmann Jamey Jasta kommentiert das neue Album so: "This is our fifth studio album and it's a monster! We've survived some pretty rough times and the music shows it. There was no reason to change the recipe that our fans know and love but we added a few brutal new ingredients and we're more than amped on the results. Violence is a given! I feel this new album is a true crossover record in the sense that our metal and hardcore roots are evenly represented throughout it. There's still the fast East Coast tuned down Hardcore that people know and love, yet there are metal influences that shine through on almost every song. The speed is there, which we even kicked up a few notches on some of the songs, but the groove and slower tempos are represented. On "Hatebreed", there is a violent mix of straight forward anthem headbangers, fast thrashers and brutal breakdown after breakdown. There's something for everyone."

Das neue Album wurde erneut von Zeuss produziert. Außerdem ist Ex-Bandmitglied / Gitarrist Wayne Lozinak wieder mit dabei und komplettiert das Line-Up, bestehend aus Chris Beattie (Bass), Matt Byrne (Drums), Frank Novinec (Gitarre) und Sänger Jamey Jasta. Bis heute haben Hatebreed allein in den USA über eine Million Alben verkauft und tourten schon weltweit mit Bands wie Slayer, Slipknot, System of a Down, Korn, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Disturbed, Black Sabbath und vielen anderen.

Die Trackliste von "Hatebreed" sieht folgendermaßen aus:

  1. Become The Fuse
  2. Not My Master
  3. Between Hell And A Heartbeat
  4. In Ashes They Shall Reap
  5. Hands Of A Dying Man
  6. Everyone Bleeds Now
  7. No Halos For The Heartless
  8. Through The Thorns
  9. Every Lasting Scar
  10. As Damaged As Me
  11. Words Became Untruth
  12. Undiminished
  13. Merciless Tide
  14. Pollution Of The Soul