Caliban: News aus dem Studio

Caliban's Bandmitglieder haben folgendes Studioupdate geschickt:

„Hey! Half of the drums are recorded, I think all songs will be done by Tuesday. So far everything is working out great. Marc and Benny (Richter, Produzent) are still doing some fine tuning for the guitar tracking, which will start Wednesday. You can expect some small videoclips from the recording within the next 2 days…”

Die Jungs haben ein paar Fotos gemacht, die ihr euch in ihrer Gallerie auf anschauen könnt. Zum neuen Albumtitel haben sie euch auch noch was zu erzählen:

„We finally found a new and perfect fitting album title. The record will be entitled ”The Awakening”. We think that this fits even better to the album then the title we had before…we rearranged some stuff to make sure the title fits into the concept of the album!”