Video der Woche: As It Is – The Fire, The Dark [kw11/2019]

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She holds my hand, but it doesn’t feel the same. Is it in my head, or has she really slipped away? Her voice, her love make the night shine like the sun, but her silence is cold. I feel my mind come undone. She’s all I’ve got, but I still feel alone, like she’s already gone. So watch me now as I start fires in the dark. Show me luck, show me fate, show me any escape. I start fires in the dark, burning bridges and hearts to the ground ‘cause it’s too late now. What have I done? I’ve made mistake after mistake. I need someone; why’d I tear myself away? No empty room becomes full with a flood of light, and my world’s the same, all alone in the dead of night. She’s all I want now that I’m on my own, now that she’s really gone.


Directed by Ian Coulson