Thousand Below: Debütalbum „The Love You Let Too Close“ (2017)

Die US-amerikanische Rock-/Post-Hardcore-Formation Thousand Below hat am 06. Oktober ihr Debütalbum „The Love You Let Too Close“ via Rise Records veröffentlicht.

Einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf ihren ersten Longplayer präsentierte das Quintett mit „No Place Like You“:

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Vocalist James Deberg: „This record has been a year in the making, we spent months working on and perfecting the sound that we wanted Thousand Below to become before we released anything to the public. I feel we’ve all perfectly expressed everything we wanted to in these 11 songs.“

Die Tracklist:

01. Sinking Me
02. Tradition
03. Never Here
04. Sleepless
05. Carry The Weight
06. The Love You Let Too Close
07. Follow Me Home
08. The Wolf And The Sea
09. Vein
10. No Place Like You
11. Into The Gray

He continued, „I’ve never been more excited to release a project in my entire life and I truly believe there is a song for every type of music fan on TLYLTC. Be it heavy, sad, emotional, catchy, rock, metal, post-hardcore, whatever sound you like — there’s a song on the album for everyone.“