(Video) Festival der Woche: Reload Festival mit Burning Down Alaska – Savior [kw34/2016]

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i never thought i’d be
as close to the edge as i am today
if there’s no one to hold me back
i might be better off taking a step forward

but there’s one thing i can’t forget
the promise i made to never regret
to never look back
and to always be brave
but what if i’m the one who needs to be saved

what if there’s no savior
what if there’s no way to come back home
what if we wait forever
to find a way – we’ll find a way

over and over
again and again
will we be released
will it ever end
demanding our hero
we’re crying for help
if time won’t save us
can we save ourselves

searching for answers, a restless mind
a place that knows
neither dark nor light
a truth i denied
something left undone
the fear i swore i would overcomeover and over
again and again
awaiting our savior without avail
rely on your hero
i won’t cry for help
rather trade my life
for the trust in myselfif there’s no one who can
enlighten my pathway from now til the end
if there’s no one to right me
to hold and to guide me
i’ll raise my head
for i’m surviving
Info: „Savior“ ist der 9te Track Des Debüts  „Values & Virtues“ von Burning Down Alaska aus Recklinghausen/NRW. Die Jungs machen Melodic Hardcore / Post Hardcore und sind am Samstag auf dem Reload, unserem Festival der Woche. Wir freuen uns drauf. 



Video: Pavel Trebukhin 
Label: Redfield Records