Video der Woche: Mother’s Cake – Love Your Smell [kw40/2020]

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I wrote this song for you
I’m playing it for years
I would love telling you
all the bad days are through
but if you wanna know the truth
I can’t promise you
everything’s gonna be alright
and we will always smile
when the head wind’s blowing strong
all things seem so wrong
I’m staying by your side
cause I know you would do the same for me
when everything’s just shit
I’m not here to say I wanna quit
I love your smell
I wrote this song for you
If black times come back again
Lonely nights are over babe
remember the days we didn’t leave bed
but if you wanna know the truth
I can’t stop loving you
everything’s gonna be alright
no longer we need to fight
when the head winds are blowing…


Mother’s Cake verschieben ihre für den Herbst angesetzte Tour in den Frühling 2021. Am 18. September hat das Psych-Rock-Trio aus Österreich das neue Album „CYBERFUNK!“ veröffentlicht. Mit „Love Your Smell“, „Crystals in the Sky“ und „Toxic Brother“ liegen drei aussagekräftige Singles vor, die die Freude auf die geplanten Shows steigen lassen. Auf dem fünften Album bleibt alles wie gehabt: sky high, far out und trotzdem erdig. Sie bündeln ihre roughe Live-Energie zu einem dynamisch dichten und immer wieder überraschenden Album, das nach Vintage-Wahnsinn klingt und voll in den Moment passt. 

written, arranged and performed by Mother’s Cake & lyrics by Mother’s Cake.
produced by Raphael Neikes, Manuel Renner and Yves Krismer
( ;
recorded by Raphael Neikes und Manuel Renner at Sevenarts Studios and Überlärm Studios ( ;
Mixed and mastered by Raphael Neikes and Manuel Renner at Überlärm Studios
released by Membran/The Orchard

+++ video credits +++

Director & D.O.P. – Chó,
Starring – Yves Krismer, Pia Basey
Hair and Make Up – Liz Aw
Written by – Chó, Yves Krismer
Set Runner/ Locations – Stefan Penz
Special Thanks – Prater Wien GmbH, Vienna Film Comission, Maggi Magsn, Jan Haußels, Thomas Neuner, Turnerschaft Innsbruck, Robert Engelmann, Barbara Husar