Video der Woche: The Dirty Nil – That’s what heaven feels like [kw29/2019]

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I’m a million impulse decisions tonight
Back in the city howlin‘ but I won’t bite

Bored of a certain safety
Got me a death wish baby

Caught up like a canine
Howling in your headlights
Rolling through the windshield
That’s what heaven feels like

No, I don’t believe in the long romance
No, crash, leave a flaming vapour trail
And maybe one slow dance

Cuz you wouldn’t know how it feels
Under the tread of your wheels

Info: „That’s What Heaven Feels Like“ entstammt „higher Volume“ – dem zweiten Album der jungen Kanadier.

Directed by Mitch Barnes & Victor Malang
Editor: Victor Malang
DOP/Camera: Mitch Barnes
Intro Music: Mitch Bowden
Hair & Makeup: Kyrsten Bryant
The Baptist: Drew Thomson