Video der Woche: The White Walkers – Seven Kingdom Army [kw15/2019]

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We’re gonna ice them all
A seven kingdom army
Couldn’t hold us back
We’re smashing through the wall
Escaping your fire
And dragon glass
And in the darkness of the
Cold long night
I bet you can’t forget
Back and forth kill mankind
With my army of dead
And the color coming
From our eyes
Says we’re in control
They’re all in fear about us
Every single one’s
Gonna feel a cold spell
Everyone knows about us
From the queen of kingdoms
To the hound as well
And if I catch you
With my dragon’s flame
I’m gonna turn you eyes blue
And that ain’t what you
Want to hear
But that’s what I’ll do
And the freezing coming
Off my clothes
Says game of thrones
We’re gonna breach the wall
Fighting with icicles
Spears and swords
We’re gonna freeze them all
Make the ice stick
Out of every pore
And I’m leading
Walkers from the north
All the walkers
Gonna obey me
And we will come to war
And the cold is coming
From your blood
Winter’s coming home

Falls es mit der Weltherrschaft nicht klappt, hätten die White Walker noch ein Ass im Ärmel.

Filmed and created by: @RCLAY1987 of The Merkins
Written by: Matt Helmick of The Merkins
Produced by: Nate Vaill
Editing/ Visual Effects by: Pixel Planet Studios