Video der Woche: Suzan Köcher – Blood Red Wine [kw02/2018]

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It’s 2 am and I’m wasting my time
Drinking old sweet blood red wine
I’ve got my nice dress on
My face is soaked in tears
Because I lost my love to another one

And when the morning comes
I will feel so numb
With an empty bottle in my hand
And it goes over and over again

The wind whistles strong
And I’m singing our song
I sit whimpering on the floor
I’ve got some pictures of you
I let them die in flames
But then I try to save, blow them out again

Because you stole my heart
Then it fell apart
Cause I can’t compete to her
How could I think that I deserve

It is floating through my veins
But it won’t remain
Skin so white, no blood inside
Fill myself up with wine
Until I die

Blood red wine, bring me down to earth

It’s so easy to drink and to overthink
When the heart can’t take the pain
All I wanna do is losing my control
I drink another one, need to fill this hole

And when my body is aching
Cause it’s covered in scars
I feel so alive in my heart
I just don’t know where to start

Blood red wine

Suzan Köchers Musik könnte man zum Beispiel psychedelisierten Folk-Rock mit einem Bein in den 60ern und einem Bein im Hier und Jetzt nennen. Ihre melodieverliebten Songs klingen in etwa so, als hätte man Dusty Springfield, Serge Gainsbourg und Joni Mitchell im französischen Kellerstudio der Rolling Stones zurückgelassen, um den Soundtrack für einen erst Jahrzehnte später erscheinenden Tarantino Film zu schreiben. Geheimnisvoll und tröstend zugleich.

Song written by Suzan Köcher
Filmed and edited by Jens Vetter
Song produced by Julian Müller
Recorded and mixed by David Trapp
Mastered by Alex Kloss
Filmed at Altes Stellwerk, Solingen
Vintage dress by Popshop60sand70s