Start Shortcuts Video der Woche: Hot Mulligan – Stickers of Brian

Video der Woche: Hot Mulligan – Stickers of Brian [kw14/2024]


Why shouldn’t I curse
In an email I sent lying when I skip work
2 week notice
I’d rather be poor
Barely paid me enough for the nothing I’m worth
No one wants to know how bad you feel
All that matters is you pay the rent and keep the lights on
Budgeting how long you’ll be alive
Why talk about it
If I’ve gotta hear the same song again
From the manager’s Pandora playlist
I swear to god I’ll fill the sink with ammonia and chlorine
and block every door (And fill every vent)
Making the wrong choice every time that I come in
Though they guarantee the longer I commit
That I will see it get better
When’s it get better?
The colors melt from the lines
I spent the best years of my life alone most the time
My family works till they die
I wish I were happy to do that but can’t fall in line

Habt ihr euren langweiligen 9 to 5 Job auch satt? Hot Mulligan liefern mit ihrem neuen Video zu Stickers Of Brian die Idee, wie man den tristen Büroalltag auf den Kopf stellen kann. Vielleicht nur empfehlenswert für jene, die eh kündigen wollen. Im Sommer kommen Hot Mulligan noch einmal für zwei schwitzige Clubshows nach Deutschland!

Produktion & Editing: Michael Herrick

Hot Mulligan

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