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Video der Woche: The Linda Lindas – Growing Up [kw07/2022]


Growing up isn’t something we can make happen when we want it to
But since we’re all growing up together I guess I’ll grow up with you
We can take turns taking the reins
Lean on each other when we need some extra strength
We’ll never cave or we’ll never waver
We’ll always become braver and braver
We’ll dance like nobody’s there
We’ll dance without any cares
We’ll talk bout problems we share
We’ll talk bout things that ain’t fair
We’ll sing bout things we don’t know
We’ll sing to people and show
What it means to be young
And growing up
Under the table, we’ll whisper in each other’s ears
We’ll share our hopes and dreams, and all our other greatest fears
And when we get burned from jumping in the fire
We’ll never tire, cause we’ll always find ways to fly higher
I make as many good memories as I can
When there are nights I can’t sleep, it’s okay in the end
I know what I do now makes me me
Wherever we go, wherever we go we…
We’ll take the good with the bad
All of the times that we’ll have
Make every moment last
We’ll have each other’s backs
Cause in the end we don’t know
We don’t know where we will go
We don’t know, so
There’s still a little more Growing up

For all us CatLovers CAT CONTENT – YEAH – “Growing Up “, die neue Single der Linda Lindas. Am 08.04.2022 erscheint auf EPITAPH ihr gleichnamiges Debüt-Album. Halb asiatisch und halb lateinamerikanisch. Zwei Schwestern, eine Cousine und ihre enge Freundin. The Linda Lindas channeln uns den Sprit von originalem Punk, Power-Pop und New Wave durch die Ohren, Augen und Köpfe von heute. Mitten ins Punkle-Herz. Mega MIAOOOOWWWW.

Video Directed by Humberto Leon
Producer: Jason Baum
Produced by: Ways & Means Executive
Producers: Lana Kim & Jett Steiger
Director of Photography: Jeff Leeds Cohn
Production Designer: Hanrui Wang
Editor: Sean Leonard
Wardrobe Stylist: Shirley Kurata
Hair Stylist/Cat Wigs: Thy Mai
Make Up Artist: Valerie Vonprisk
Colorist: Derek Hansen
Sound Mix: Casey Genton

The Linda Lindas


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