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Video der Woche: Wallis Bird – What’s Wrong With Changing [kw29/2022]


In 2001 when I was 18 years old
Still in my uniform, educated, uninformed
A war raged out in front of me
Showing me racism and lies
And I began to see the world
Through different eyes
Then I moved to London
By the age of Cameron
I was stood at Brixton station
Holding a phone against cops‘ faces
Who stopped and searched a black child
Just for running for their bus
And it was then I knew we had no one to trust
Yeah, I want to know
What’s wrong with changing?
Yeah, I want to know
What’s not changing?Let’s move forward a little bit
A lid-el-ee-iddle bit forward to 2015
The island of Ireland is making a real big scene:
Gay marriage voted YES
Panti Bliss is the Queen!
And there’s nothing stopping there
It broke the church from the state
To Repeal The 8th
And now it’s moving in a positive way
And you love to see it!
Yeah, I want to know
What’s not changing
Everything changing everything changing

Was ist so falsch an Veränderung? Nichts, wenn es nach Wallis Bird geht. Die Wahlberlinerin kündigt mit diesem Song ihr neues Album „Hands“ an. Zum Video sagt sie: „Identity plays a huge role in the song. We can’t help what background, physicality, skin colour or what land we were born into but we can choose how we treat each other, how we learn. That to me is the making of the song: How you are – not who you are. So I wanted to play with identity, surrounding, and keep it technically simplified- always the same scene setup in random locations but the message (the dance) remains the same.“

Written by: Wallis Bird
Produced by: Philipp Milner, Wallis Bird, Marcus Wüst
Director of Photography & Editor: Joe Wright, Grin & Bear Studios
Make-Up: Lara Barten

Wallis Bird

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